Sculptor - Isidore Jules Bonheur

Title - Ste. D Enct A LAgriculture

Sand Cast Bronze 
Comptoir Francais d'Art  
 Circa 1900

5" height by 9" length 
(13.5 cm by 22.9 cm)
Price $795.00

This bas-relief plaque of Cattle and Sheep typifies the domestic animal subjects prefered by Isidore Bonheur.   Even with a two dimensional medium such as a plaque Bonheur manages to get a wonderful feeling of depth as the heads of the bull and the cow rise out away from the rest of the sculpture. The plaque is mounted to a 7" by 10 1/2" oak panel with modern nuts on posts. There is a presentation which has been affixed to the oak panel which says Ste D'Enct A L'Agriculture De La Dordogne. 1929.  This inscription and oak panel are newer than the plaque which dates to the late 19th century.  This was a very common practice to use one of the older Animalier works and place an inscription on it for an agriculture prize or award.  There are many such examples of this being done after the First World War through the 1930's especially with sculpture of bulls, horses, and sheep.


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