Edouard-Marcel Sandoz (1881 - 1971) was born in Basle, Switzerland on March 21st 1881. After studying chemistry, Sandoz decided to turn to sculpture.  He studied for 3 years at the L'Ecole de Industrial Arts in Geneva then moved to Paris where he studied at the Ecole d'Beaux-Arts. He apprenticed under the sculptor Antonin Mercie and the painter Ferdinand Cormon.  During the First World War, due to the shortage of stone and bronze, Sandoz turned to porcelain for his sculptures and thus began his thirty year association with the Haviland Limoge company.  This collaboration produced many distinctive highly stylized objects in the form of dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, and even hedgehogs done in porcelain with bright colored glazes.  All of his sculptures are characterized by a geometric form which is strongly influenced by both the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.  He was elected a member of L'Academie de Beaux Arts and made a Commander in L'Order de Legion d'Honneur.  Sandoz's sculptures show a unique and lively personal style and place him firmly at the top of the 20th century Animaliers along with Francois Pompon and Rembrandt Bugatti.

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